Mainstream Media Wrong Again

For 8 years we heard, and still hear, that the Republicans ran the most obstructionist congress EVAH! Democrats told us it was, and is, WRONG to follow partisan lines and not do what's best for the country (whatever that is).

In spite of the election returns, we were assured by the mainstream media that the whole nation felt this way. Now the MSM is telling us that America wants obstructionism. Not so fast, Lois Lane… "The overall rating on this question is 58/30 for cooperation [with Trump], which includes majorities in the following demos: Female: 56/32 Independents: 59/24 All age demos except 18-29YOs, who split 46/36 for cooperation Moderates: 57/27 All income brackets, including 54/30 among those earning less than $50,000 All education demos Urban voters: 50/39 Government employees: 62/28"

#election #partisanlines #mainstreammedia #obstruction #rating #globalwarming

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